Bella is a Southern California grown writer who resides in Portland, Oregon. She is the 2019 Portland Poetry Grand Slam Champion, and has performed at various events such as the WeMake Disrupt Conference, Invisible Spectrums and Intersect Fest. Her poem Joy will be featured in Black Arts Tables Anthology set to release in spring 2020. Bella’s  poetry centers around her experiences  being a woman of color, her eating disorder, abusive relationships, and the hope between it all. Side Effects of Remembering the Little Things is her debut book with Lightship Press. Through her work she hopes to create connection, conversation, and understanding
so we all feel a little less alone.


‘You took so much from me, I want it all back’, Bella’s candor is breathtaking with a large portion grit. She navigates the readers through this tumultuous storm reminding us of how manipulating and vicious the cycle of domestic violence is all while trying to reassemble the broken pieces of herself.”

—Nastashia Minto, author of NAKED




Bella’s first full length poetry book Side Effects of Remembering the Little Things explores what it means to experience toxic love. She walks the reader through her relationship taking the reader into the cracks of the eventual breaking point. This book will make you cry, and feel a little less alone.


Side Effects of Remembering the Little Things is a phenomenal read! Bella as poet and writer continues to impress. I remember meeting her in Portland, OR as she won the Portland Poetry Slam, and being highly impressed with not only her work but her humble demeanor. And this book is a loud pronunciation that she is HERE!!! And that she isn’t going anywhere.”

—Brandon Leake, author of B-Sides